IndigoLacie is a Brazilian illustrator based in Toronto, ON and currently working both as a freelancer and as a graphic novelist on her webcomic Hortensias. She dedicates herself to LGBTQIA+ and mental health themes to raise awareness and empathy towards minority. Always striving to be a better artist and inspire others to be happier, even though her comics are a bit on the downer side. Well, she tries, anyway.

She works in digital media and watercolours the most.

You can contact her on the contact page.

What’s your media of choice?

Digital, but I like to use watercolours once in a while.

What programs / tools do you use?

I use Clip Studio Paint PRO! My tablet is a Intuous Pro Medium.

When do you update?

Every Monday!  Help my Patreon to make updates more frequent!

Why don’t you update more?

Please help me on my Patreon so we can make this goal happen!

Can I make fanart/fanvideo/fanfic/etc of your characters…?

PLEASE. I live only for this.

Could I translate this comic into [insert language here]?

If you want, go ahead! But please, contact me in the email form BEFORE you do so I can know. Of course, you’ll have to credit me and not profit from it.